Creating websites at affordable prices

The price of the website development - this is one of the key questions many potential customers are interested in. However, you can answer it only after getting a preliminary vision of the site's objectives, functionality: product catalog, online store, selling website or company website.

Experience shows that no two sites are identical in nature. Therefore, the calculation of the cost and timing of implementation is made only after receiving the initial information from the client.

In our activity we use one of the most transparent pricing schemes for the site - customers should clearly understand what they pay money for and at what rates.

Cost of the site

For some, the cost should be as low as possible, since they are just starting their business and cannot invest a large amount of money. For others, on the contrary, it is an indicator of the quality and experience of the firm. But one thing we can say from experience: the prices are very different, but still the higher the better. Why? Paying a low price, you can then pay much more for various modifications and fixes, especially if you apply to another programmer, because sometimes it is very difficult to understand someone else's code.